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Biomass Shredder for WtE/EfW Plant

Introductions-Biomass Shredder for WtE/EfW Plant

Zhongan offers a comprehensive range of shredders. Here you will find the right shredder for every challenge, no matter what are your demands. In WtE/EfW plants biomass waste shredders are used to reduce the mixed waste to an optimal grain size and to generate a consistent flow for maximized energy output by incineration.

Biomass Shredder for WtE/EfW Plant

Applications-Biomass Shredder for WtE/EfW Plant

Zhongan's biomass waste shredders have diverse applications in Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production, biomass processing, waste-to-energy/Energy-from-Waste plants (WtE/EfW), mechanical biological treatment plants (MBT), Biopower plant, cement production kiln, thermal power plant, gasification plant, etc.

Biomass Waste Shredder Cutting Table

Powerful biomass waste shredders for highest throughputs in WtE/EfW plant

Biomass waste shredders increase output and cut costs in many applications. 

Waste is a potential source of energy for various manufacturing and processing plants. Biomass is an organic energy source that can be anything from forestry to agricultural residues. It is an attractive fuel for operators of incineration facilities who are keen to reduce their overall carbon emissions.

Waste-to-Energy plants or Energy from Waste (WtE/EfW) use waste as the main energy source. The waste fuel can be produced from almost any type of waste like bulky waste, municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, wood, construction and demolition waste, biomass, or baled materials like straw.

Zhongan biomass shredder with twin-shaft technology for extreme applications,robust and low-maintenance for highest demands.

The commonly used structures of shredders mainly include two-shaft (or quad-shaft) shearing type, single-shaft roll-cutting type and tearing type for coarse shredding. The shredder is driven by the power system to drive the knife shaft and the rotor of the knife to rotate at a low speed, Knives shred the wastes by tearing and shearing. The biomass shredder is composed of: knife chamber, motor, reducer, frame, intelligent operation and maintenance control system, etc.  Zhongan Biomass Shredder with reference to European technology, innovative design, shreds the material to a smaller particle size through the comprehensive principle of shearing, tearing and shredding. Commonly used in biomass direct-fired power plants, biomass biogas projects, animal husbandry feed, paper industry and other biomass reuse fields.

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The striking feature of Zhongan's biomass shredder

1. Optimum cutting geometry, various shapes of knives are available


Shredder Knives.jpg

2. High-torque or hydraulic drive? You have the choice.

Depending on the application, we offer two drive concepts: The high-torque drive with a high-torque, multi-pole synchronous motor which is distinguished by its insensitivity to foreign materials. The drive withstands shocks and vibrations and thus has a particularly long service life. The Rexroth hydraulic actuator is very responsive at a low connected load. Stopping, starting, and reversing is possible even under full load. 

3. Overall cutter chamber technology

The cutter chamber is processed by large CNC machining center at one time, high accuracy machining ensures the bearing seat good concentricity, stable and reliable. Modular design, simple structure and convenient maintenance.


4.  High strength spindle

After quenching and tempering process, it is refined and processed by high-precision large-scale CNC equipment, extraordinary strength, indescribable impact resistance and long service life. Our large machining center guarantees the machining accuracy of the spindle.


5. Intelligent Control System

(1)Based on new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc., Zhongan Eco applies the informational collection-transmission-storage-analysis-processing technology to the monitoring of our solid waste disposal equipment and suystem, and successfully developed our ZI intelligent monitoring system . The intelligent technology is closely integrated with out equipment in manufacturing process, and the ZI intelligent monitoring system strongly opens up the data "islands" to build a unified, integrated, intelligent and efficient solid waste disposal equipment "smart brain". The system creates refined monitoring and management of solid waste disposal production lines, realizes networked information transmission, personalized data reports, intelligent data analysis, visualization of production process control, real-time abnormal alarms, scientific production management and decision-making, and helps users to accurately control in real time. The operation status of the equipment greatly improves the operation efficiency of the production line and reduces the operation cost.

(2) ZI intelligent monitoring system is composed of intelligent data acquisition system, intelligent automatic control system and intelligent crushing system cloud service platform, including one-key start-stop, condition monitoring, data analysis, collaborative optimization, fault diagnosis, alarm linkage and other functions. By adding a variety of intelligent multi-sensing devices to the key main and auxiliary equipment such as feeding, crushing, and conveying of the entire biomass crushing production line, the centralized equipment management, automatic fault service response, intelligent maintenance and after-sales personnel scheduling, reducing equipment operation and maintenance management costs.

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