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Bulky Waste Disposal System

Introductions- ZHONGAN Bulky Waste Disposal System 

Bulky waste such as furniture, televisions, kitchen appliances, washing machines or bathroom fittings might be too large to be recycled conventionally, but they are far too valuable to be left unutilized. Large objects cause headaches when it comes to transportation, and moving them around is often expensive. 

Bulky waste can be processed in the same way as other waste types if it is reduced to the correct grain size. Pre-shredding bulky waste allows for compact loading of the material, which cuts transportation costs significantly.

With a smaller gain size, the waste can be processed more efficiently. Screening and sorting can be done more accurately, and different materials are faster in their own stacks, meaning that they can be given new life by reusing the resources. The recycled bulky wastes have meaningful applications in RDF/SRF (Refuse-Derived Fuel/Secondary Recovered Fuel) production, biomass processing, waste-to-energy plants (WtE), Energy from Waste Plants (EfW) and in mechanical biological treatment plants (MBT), and also Zhongan's bulky waste shredder can also show it's skills in large waste management.

ZHONGAN has a wealth of experience and in-depth industry knowledge at waste disposal. Our unparalleled process expertise and operational knowledge accumulated through decades of experience allows us to provide comprehensive bulky waste disposal system: When it comes to finding the right disposal solution for you, we leave nothing to chance.

Working procedures- ZHONGAN Bulky Waste Disposal System

Metal Chain Conveyor transport the bulky waste to the primary shredder. The primary shredder firstly crushes the bulky waste into smaller sizes, then passes through the fine shredder for secondary crushing to achieve a smaller particle size, and then passes through the magnetic separator. The metal materials are automatically discharged by the magnetic separator into collecting hopper,  the materials are then classified as wood material and the light material by the sorting machine, finnally the wood material is made into biomass particles through the biomass granulator, and the light material is made into Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) particles through the RDF granulator. The entire production line can be equipped with professional dust removing system, intelligent monitoring and control protection system for shredders. Final materials are sent to the terminal disposal site by a cleaning truck or a mobile compression truck. ZHONGAN rigorously designed bulky waste disposal system reduce waste volume significantly, classify waste reasonably, conducive to convenient transfer.

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Features-ZHONGAN Bulky Waste Disposal System

1. Efficient crushing   

  • Large crushing cavity structure,waste sofas, cabinets, chairs, and mattresses can be directly fed into the bulky shredder for overall crushing,

  • No man but only machine disposal the bulky waste, improves work efficiency and reduces production costs.


2. Safe and Reliable

  • High-strength cutters with excellent reliability, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and longest life time.

  • Utilized AI and hydraulic feeding technology to reduce manual participation and ensure workers safety.


3. Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

  • ZHONGAN Bulky Waste Disposal intelligent operation and maintenance system is compatible with online monitoring and AI technologies,

  • Safety interlocking, coordinated operating& maintaining, digital managing and multiple protecting.


4. Scientific Planning

  • ZHONGAN provides engineering expert in-depth tailor-made bulky waste disposal solution and system, make our users trouble free waste disposal in feeding, pre-crushing, fine-crushing, sorting, conveying, and transferring.

  • Solution design scientifically and reasonably, excellent crushing and sorting for bulky waste.

  • Meanwhile, avoid waste secondary transfers, reduce site occupation in maximum and make disposal efficiency incredibly.

Relative Equipment- ZHONGAN Bulky Waste Disposal System

Relative Pictures- ZHONGAN Bulky Waste Disposal System