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Large Scraped Furniture Shredder

Introductions-Large Scraped Furniture Shredder

Zhongan's furniture shredder is driven by the power system to drive the knife shaft to drive the rotor of the movable knives to rotate at a low speed, shredding is finished by tearing and shearing between the knives. It is composed of: knife chamber, motor, reducer, frame, maintenance corridor, intelligent operation and maintenance control system, etc. Using the interaction between the knives to shred the bulky solid waste such as domestic waste and waste furniture are completely shredded, combined with the system process, volume reduction, harmless disposal, and resource utilization become easier.

Large Scraped Furniture Shredder

Applications-Large Scraped Furniture Shredder

Zhongan large scraped furniture shredders are widely used in waste sofas, cabinets, tables and chairs, mattresses, pallets, garden waste such as these bulky solid wastes that are inconvenient for collection, transportation and recycling. They are used to downsize commingled bulky waste as well as commercial and residential waste streams for volume reduction, to liberate and reclaim recyclables, for composting applications, and to create alternative fuel sources for industry.

Large Scraped Furniture Shredder Cuting Chamber

Large Furniture Shredder to Shred Mattresses, Sofa, Table&Chair

Zhongan installed large waste shredders processing mattresses, sofas and chairs that are collected from consumers where new mattresses are sold and at garbage transfer stations. Processing systems are used for volume reduction as well as to reclaim marketable metals, wood, foam and other materials. Our core competencies are the shredding of all kinds of waste. Zhongan's shredder turns big into small again.

Zhongan offers a comprehensive range of shredders. Here you will find the right shredder for every challenge, no matter what are your demands.

Simply telling us your application demand and you will receive a solution perfectly matched to your industry and application.

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Zhongan's a variety of large shredders with different output suit any waste disposal demand

Model No.


Shredder Type

Output sizemm



Double shafts




Double shafts




Double shafts


Advatage features of Zhongan's Large Furniture Shredder

High-strength wear-resistant knife material

High reliability, wear resistance, impact resistance and long life.

Shredder Knives.jpg

Robust technology and manufacturing

Innovative design, patent technology, proficient in production, strict control, ingenious quality, and high-end equipment.

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Modular Design Structure

Easy to maintain, reduce maintenance costs and shorten maintenance time

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Intelligent operation and maintenance control system

Intelligent operation, safety interlocking, collaborative operation and maintenance, digital management, multiple protection and other functions.

Intelletigent Control System2.jpg