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RDF/SRF/TDF Fine Shredder

Introductions-RDF/SRF/TDF Fine Shredder

Zhongan's fine-shredders are reliable and efficient recycling machines that are designed to reduce the pre-shreded waste to even more precise size and shape. With up to 2,000 mm length V rotor of Zhongan single shaft fine shredder series was designed for ambitious throughput targets with high flexibility. Thanks to its innovative design, even large start-up lumps, hollow bins and very voluminous parts pose no problem.

RDF&SRF Fine Waste Shredder

Applications-RDF/SRF/TDF Fine Shredder

Zhongan fine shredders are often utilized in Refuse-Derived Fuel, Solid Recovered Fuels (RDF/SRF) production, Waste to Energy, Energy from Waste (WtE/EfW) plant, gasification plants and cement kilns. They are take on any form of waste that includes MSW, plastic, rubber, straw, leather cloth, hazardous waste, medical waste, industrial waste, glass fiber reinforced plastic, composite materials, etc.

RDF&SRF Fine Waste Shredder Cutting Table

RDF shredders / SRF shredders / TDF shredders

How can we help you produce RDF / SRF/ TDF?

Zhongan's single-shaft fine shredder is composed of drive system, transmission system, cutter system, and feeding system. It is powered by a motor or a hydraulic motor to drive the rotor to rotate. The movable knife, the fixed knife and the material tear and cut each other to achieve rapid shredding, and the material is crushed into smaller particle sizes to complete the pretreatment, finally, the qualified RDF/ SRF/ TDF will be discharged from the screen mesh. Zhongan's standard single-shaft fine shredder adopts the classic design style of fine shredding, diverse materials adaptability in square cutting chamber. It is a special environmental protection equipment for fine shredding of solid waste. Zhongan's single shaft fine shredder integrates feeding, shredding and screening functions, occupies a small area, and is economical, stable and durable.

Our range of single shaft fine shredder in producing RDF/ SRF/ TDF.

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Single Shaft




Single Shaft




Single Shaft


Zhongan's full range of machining facilities ensure you the high end quality fine shredder for RDF/ SRF/ TDF production

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