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HW (Hazardous Waste) Disposal System

Introductions-HW (Hazardous Waste) Disposal System

Zhongan Hazardous Waste Shredding System is used for the first or double stage crushing treatment of hazardous waste and its packaging before it is used for harmless treatment, so as to achieve the size required for incineration for kiln or recycling. The complete system integrated functions of feeding, preshredding, secondary fine shredding, finished product transportation, safety fire protection, maintenance, etc., and has the characteristics of safety, small footprint and good stability.

Hazardous Waste (HW) Shredder

Applications-HW (Hazardous Waste) Disposal System

Robust ability in shredding Hazardous Waste such as IBC ton barrels, plastic barrels, 200L iron barrels, paint barrels, ton bags, medical waste, etc. The disposal of hazardous waste requires special handling to ensure that safety and regulatory requirements are met. Preparing the waste for incineration or burial requires equipment that is durable and reliable so that the materials are processed safely and in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

Hazardous Waste (HW) Shredder Cutting Table

Robust and Low-maintenance HW (Hazardous Waste) Disposal System


Exclusive Advantages of Zhongan's HW (Hazardous Waste) Disposal System

Zhongan has a wealth of experience and in-depth industry knowledge at designing and manufacturing HW (Hazardous Waste) shredders. The performance, operation&maintenance of the equipment have been technically optimized, good shreddability, economy and stability; not only that, the core components of the shredding system are world-class famous brands, including key components of wearing parts. It has a long service life and robust reliability; the system adopts intelligent control system of Zhongan's exclusive patented technology, which has functions such as intelligent monitoring, intelligent protection, intelligent maintenance.


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1.Imported hydraulic technology

Imported hydraulic system, constant power control, large torque, long life; the shredder is equipped with shock absorption device to improve the stability of the equipment.


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2.High quality control

Zhongan workshop has more than 100 sets of large-scale CNC machining centers, strictly follow ISO9001 quality control which ensures high-precision processing.


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3.Automatic fire fighting system

The system equipped with an automatic fire protection system, system equipment can automatically stop and close the fire gate when it encounters fire, automatic fire protection system protect safety operation of the production line in real time.


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4.Real-time monitoring

Hazardous waste crushing intelligent control system, software copyright registration number: 2021S RO854286, multiple intelligent operation & maintenance protection systems, real-time online monitoring; production data can be retrospectively analyzed.

Intelletigent Control System2.jpg

Robust hydraulic driving for extreme applications, with large high precission CNC machining rotor for particularly demanding applications and throughputs. Output 50-200mm, 1-20t/h.

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Zhongan's Machining Facilities for HW (Hazardous Waste) Disposal System

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