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Doulbe Shafts Waste Shredder

Introductions-Doulbe Shafts Waste Shredder

Zhongan's twin shaft shredder(double shaft shredder) is designed for longevity and versatility, our double-shaft shredders are born for the any the toughest challenge in solid waste shredding. They are flexible, high-torque, with great running smoothness, low operating costs and maximum availability even in robust applications. Zhongan's double shaft shredders are often used for pre-shredding of large volume or high strength materials. The unique modular split chamber design, provides excellent access to key components therefore reducing maintenance downtime and service costs.

Double Shafts Waste Shredder 800-500

Applications-Doulbe Shafts Waste Shredder

RDF(Refuse Derived Fuel): MSW, industry waste, wood, paper, tires, plastics, carpet, textile, wind turnbine blades Metal materials: Aluminum, ferrous, non-ferrous, steel drums, waste automotive Electronics: WEEE, electronic equipment, waste household appliances Aluminum: Cans, aluminum products, building materials, sheet Plastic: Plastic drums, plastic lumps, films.

Industrial Waste Shredder-Cutting Table

Doulbe Shafts Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder

Zhongan's twin shaft shredder can handle a wide range of solid waste. Compared to single shaft shredder, it has lower speed, higher torque, and higher efficiency. It excels in size reducing industrial waste, MSW, electronic waste, waste household appliances and other mixed wastes. Its structure is relatively compact and maintenance-friendly with a maintenance door that provides full access to the crushing chamber and bearing housing.Because double shaft shredder is screenless, it is often used as primary shredding, and its shredded particle size depends on the blade thickness.

Zhongan develops innovative concepts and convincing solutions to efficiently process materials that frequently differ greatly from one another. You will always get the best possible solution from us, even for the most difficult tasks.

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Main features and advantages of Zhongan's double shaft shredders

A wide range double shafts shredder for choice

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