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Industrial Waste Disposal System

Introductions- ZHONGAN Industrial Waste Disposal System

Industrial waste disposal system is special professional production line for the comprehensive disposal and recycling of mixed industrial waste and obsolete waste, composed of complete interlocking equipment in conveying, crushing, Sorting& separating, dust collecting, etc. The Industrial waste disposal system integrated conveying, crushing, sorting, and transferring modules which are enable it to process the mixed industrial waste and obsolete waste from large to small, from mixed to be sorted, and therefore realize waste reducing and recycling, improve urban environmental quality. It is conducive to building waste-free city, circular economy and optimizing the living environment. 

It can process various materials such as municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste (C&I waste), construction and demolition waste (C&D waste), green waste, wood and other bulky waste, also have a wide range of all purpose application in RDF/SRF (Refuse-Derived Fuel/Secondary Recovered Fuel) production, biomass processing, waste-to-energy plants (WtE), Energy from Waste Plants (EfW) and in mechanical biological treatment plants (MBT) such as these waste recycling, reduction, reuse and waste management industry.

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Features-ZHONGAN Industrial Waste Disposal System

1. Advanced Technology 

  • ZHONGAN provides complete set customized Industrial Waste Disposal System and incredible services

  • Rich practical experienced senior expert in-depth take care feeding, crushing, sorting, conveying, transferring and other process with the most scientific method, system work together in perfect to avoid secondary transfers,

  • Minimize site occupation and improve working efficiency.


2. Safe and Reliable

  • ZHONGAN Industrial Waste Disposal System adopts high-strength wear-resistant materials with high reliability, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and long life.

  • It is intelligently assisted by hydraulic feeding technology to reduce manual participation and save labor costs.


3. Intelligent Operation and Maintenance  

  • ZHONGAN Industrial Waste Disposal intelligent operation and maintenance system is compatible with online monitoring and AI technologies,

  • Safety interlocking, coordinated operating& maintaining, digital managing and multiple protecting.


4. Quality Service 

  • ZHONGAN advanced CNC machining center and production system guarantee product operation reliability,

  • Order on time delivery, product quality and rapid supply of spare parts.

Relative Equipment- ZHONGAN Industrial Waste Disposal System

Relative Pictures- ZHONGAN Industrial Waste Disposal System