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Wind Sifter Machine - Waste Classification

Introductions-Wind Sifter Machine - Waste Classification

Wind sifter machine is also called light material separator, which is composed of motor, fan, rolling drum, conveyor and sifting room. The wind sifter machine utilize aerodynamics and material density properties to separate the crushed materials, which can effectively separate light materials such as fabric, leather, plastic and waste paper, then discharge inert materials such as masonry, soil and metal, it is one of the commonly used equipment for garbage sorting.

Wind Sifter Machine-Waste Sorting

Applications-Wind Sifter Machine - Waste Classification

Mostly suitable for pre-treatment processing of SRF/RDF fuel for domestic waste, landfill obsolete waste, industrial solid waste, paper waste, textile waste, leather waste, rag waste, etc.

Wind Sifter - Waste Sorting Machine