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Double Shaft Shredder - Industry Waste Disposal

Introductions-Double Shaft Shredder - Industry Waste Disposal

ZHONGAN waste shredders are widely used in processing different solid waste in recent years waste disposal of China. ZHONGAN’s waste shredder classified two main series of pre-shredders and fine shredders. Pre-shredder as the name suggests, chief task is preliminary shredding for virgin garbage, and fine-shredder is to reduce the volume and shape of the pre-processed garbage again, and make the secondary treated waste can be recycled, used or finally disposed.

Double Shaft Shredder Machine-Waste Disposal

Applications-Double Shaft Shredder - Industry Waste Disposal

Process multiple complicated waste: Bulky waste, industrial&commercial waste, MSW-municipal solid waste, construction& demolition waste, biomass, wood, baled materials, medical waste etc. Diverse applications: Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production, waste-to-energy plants (WtE), mechanical biological treatment plants (MBT), biomass processing.

Double Shaft Shredder-Waste Shredding

A-W series double shafts pre-shredders for industrial waste disposal

Improved capacity with longer lifetime and lower cost in modern industrial waste disposal

A-W series double shafts pre-shredders are the latest addition to ZHONGAN's wide range waste shredders. Especially utilized in waste recycling applications, the new product family provides a low cost-per-ton with high reliability, ease of operation and flexibility. A-W series double shafts pre-shredders can process various waste types from municipal solid waste to industrial, commercial or bulky waste.

Main new features of A-W series double shafts pre-shredders for industrial waste disposal
Superior performance 

Patented knife assembly. Unique bi-directional shredding system, both synchronous and asynchronous with two shafts.

Improved capacity

Various knife types available for processing any type of waste.

Unbeatable uptime 

Easily accessible construction. Modular design ensuring that only relevant components need to be maintained.

Versatile applications  

Can handle changes in waste streams without compromising capacity or performance.

Parameters of A-W series double shafts pre-shredders for industrial waste disposal

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