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Straw Shredder - Biomass Pre-shredding

Introductions-Straw Shredder - Biomass Pre-shredding

Straw shredder is also called biomass shredder, double-shaft shredder and straw crusher. It utilizes the working principle of the interaction between the cutters to process waste straw materials, suit for rectangular bales, round bales and bulk materials. It is often used in biomass direct-fired power plants, biomass biogas projects, animal husbandry feed, paper making and other biomass reuse fields. The Straw shredder is designed with low speed and large torque, large shearing force, good crushing effect, large output, low noise, and good stability.

Straw Shredder-Biomass Power Plant

Applications-Straw Shredder - Biomass Pre-shredding

Bales or bulk materials such as straw, corn, wheat, reeds, bark, branches, and cotton.

Straw Shredder-Waste to Energy

Biomass shredder - turn the waste into value fuel and minimize the waste generation

Biomass waste is rubbish residues but also valuable organic energy source. It is an attractive fuel for operators of incineration facilities who are keen to reduce their overall carbon emissions. 

Biomass shredder is commonly used to make the organic fuel consistent and optimal in size and shape for maximal energy production. It has a wide range applications in Biomass power plants and biomass production, Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production , Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants, and Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) , etc.

Zhongan biomass shredder is versatile in shredding any type of biomass, meanwhile, we offer all-round biomass shredding system as customer real need to reduce the organic feedstock to a size suitable for next step process or applications. Zhongan have suitable vary shredder machines for both agricultural cropping and forestry industries. Zhongan shredders enable customisation to optimise efficiency for different types of biomass to guarantee customers' trouble free operation profit and efficiency.

Zhongan's wide range biomass shredder for selection to meet different capacity

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