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Waste Wood Recycling Shredder

Author:ZHONGAN-Andre Niu Comefrom: Date:2021/6/17 15:29:27

Waste WoodWaste Wood Shredder

Special Bulky Waste Shredding

A variety of bulky waste streams may, at first glance, be considered economically unshreddable. But perhaps that’s because people haven’t yet encountered a shredder robust enough for the job. Large complex materials such as waste wood, pallets, mattresses, carpets, textiles, pulper ropes, municipal solid waste and bulky domestic appliances of course need to be handled by heavy duty technology. 

How Can Zhongan Help You Shred Bulky Waste?

ZHONGAN's high torque, slow speed shredders can handle oversized applications with ease. Zhongan's sturdy twin-shaft primary shredder impresses with its powerful performance and its aggressive material infeed. Our bulky waste shredder, thanks to the intelligent twin-shaft technology, is the ideal solution for effectively shredding even the most difficult materials. Its two shredding shafts are independently driven. This seemingly trivial feature has many advantages. With this shredder, you can adjust the shaft speed, direction of rotation and reversing times at any time depending on the material. Wrapping of wires and long-fibre materials is avoided, throughput is maximised! Compared to a synchronously running shredder, Zhongan's bulky waste shredder reduces wear and downtimes. The solid construction ensures a high economic efficiency and long service life.

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What Bulky Waste Can We Shred?


can be sent to scrap recyclers before being smelted for remanufacturing


can be broken down and transformed into carpet underlay or animal bedding


can be salvaged for reuse in oil filters or used as flock within the energy recovery market, reducing our reliance on depleting fossil fuels


can be shredded to produce landscaping mulch or a biomass resource