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Pulp Paper Mill Waste Shredder

Author:ZHONGAN-Andre Niu Comefrom: Date:2021/6/17 17:10:05

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Paper Factory Twisted Rope Shredding System

The working principle of a Pulp Paper Mill Waste Shredder

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Stranded rope shredder is driven by twin shafts independently so that the material can be pressed correspondingly during production,unique cutter shaft structure and four-corner rotary cutter head enables automatic feeding possible. Low-speed and high-torque makes the shredder machine does not appear to be wrapped around the shaft or jammed, which improves the production efficiency. The special shredder is suitable for the crushing of various tough and sticky materials.

There are many types of waste in paper mills, most common ones are twisted rope and pulp. If the strands and slag are improperly stored, it will cause a lot of environmental pollution, so here we will briefly talk about how to handle the rope and the slag. The stranded rope contains a lot of iron wire. Most of the wire is entangled with plastic. It is extremely difficult to directly separate and recycle. Therefore, it must be broken before separating the plastic and iron wire separately, and then separated and recycled.

ZHONGAN offers complete paper mill waste separation and sorting solution. The paper mill waste can be reduced to less than 40mm, and the wire metal can be directly separated without winding or blocking, and the hard object is automatically reversed. 

Pulp Paper Mill Waste Shredder Process:

The paper mill waste shredding and sorting system includes: primary shredder, and if necessary, secondary shredder, iron remover , and discharge belt conveyor.

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