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Corn Stalks - Solid Biomass Waste Processing

Author:ZHONGAN-Andre Niu Comefrom: Date:2021/6/17 18:32:52

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Solid Biomass Waste Processing

Biomass Power - Green energy to replace highly polluting fuel energy

Solid biomass is intended to make a major contribution to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

However, to reach the ambitious goals for heating and energy generation from woody biomass, it will need to be made available in large amounts. In keeping with our slogan, "Technology for a better environment“, we have taken up the challenge of finding ways to do this. With the right processing, generally involving shredding, screening and separating, marketable fuel can be extracted from a variety of materials.

In addition to woody biomass from forestry, such as forestry chippings, other material streams can be economically viable and sustainable sources of fuel. These include green cuttings from gardening and landscaping, rootstocks, driftwood and untreated waste wood – all materials which are collected by municipalities. Our role is to develop the right concepts and most cost-effective machinery for this dynamic market.

Why shred to produce biomass?

Wood is an important and readily avaiable commodity that can so easily be considered a waste if not salvaged or processed for either recycling or biomass market.  Grade C wood that is not suitable for remanufacturing or recycling into panel board (without treatment or separation system) or animal feed, still has a role to play in the waste hierarchy via the energy recovery route. It is commanly found on construction and demolition sites, as well as in both the insustrial and municipal sectors.

When producing biofuel from green waste, the coarsest possible shred is important, so that woody fractions pass through the composting process largely unaltered, except for drying, and can then be screened out. The biomass pre-shredder, a all-purpose shredder, is ideal for this, as its high torque, low speed shredding and flexible star screens give the right particle size for further processing. Its high resistance to contraries also makes it a good choice for rootstocks and forestry residue.

Zhongan's shredder to shred any type of biomass

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Zhongan Shredders are driven by the power system to drive knife shaft to make knife rotor rotate at a low speed, and meanwhile, crushing, tearing and shredding among the knife cutters to process the many materials that comprise solid waste. Constructed of the strongest materials, our blades and rotors are designed to shred the toughest of materials without breakdowns or production slowdowns. Our municipal waste shredders can integrate screens, filters and magnets to separate materials pre or post-processing, providing capture of materials for reclamation or incineration.  If additional reductions are required, our fine shredder can be integrated into the system. Our shredders are manufactured to shred your toughest materials and keep working at peak performance. 

Zhongan Shredder features include:

Single, dual-shaft, or quad-shaft models are available to meet your application requirements

Screens or magnets can be used to separate materials after shredding

Additionally, Fine shredder and granulators can be integrated if further sizing is needed

Zhoangan's staffs are experienced in developing size reduction solutions for solid waste, whether you need a small unit for your processing plant or a large municipal incinerator. We will work with you to design a shredder system that meets your exact requirements.