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Rubber Powder Fine Shredding - Waste Tire Shredder

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How to process waste tire?

In recent decades, the worldwide growth of the automobile industry and the increasing use of cars as the main means of transport have tremendously boosted tire production. This has generated massive stockpiles of used tires. Extensive research projects were carried out on how to use used tires in different applications.Waste tires need a larger storage space than other waste due to their large volume and fixed shape. They are unlikely to be decomposed, as landfill tires would shorten the service life of the ground and have low economic benefit; In addition, buried waste tires often emerge from the ground surface or destroy the anti-leakage cover of the ground and the exposed waste tires accumulate water that may breed bacteria, molds, insects or mice. In case of fire, waste tires generate toxic gases, such as dioxin, that could result in severe pollution problems.  In order to properly dispose the scrap tires, the use of innovative techniques to recycle them is important. The use of scrap tires including tire chips or tire shreds comprised of pieces of scrap tires, tire chip/soil mixtures, tire sidewalls, and whole scrap tires in civil engineering applications is the object of the standard ASTM D 6270. These materials can be used in lightweight embankment fill, lightweight retaining wall backfill, drainage layers, thermal insulation to limit frost penetration beneath roads, insulating backfill to limit heat loss rom buildings, and replacement for soil or rock in other fill applications.  Rubber tires can also be used in civil and non-civil engineering applications such as in road construction, in geotechnical works, as a fuel in cement kilns and incineration for production of electricity or as an aggregate in cement-based products or in geotechnical field.

How to get tire rubber powder?

Scrap tire rubber powder can be obtained from tires through two principal processes: (1) ambient, which is a method in which scrap tire rubber is ground or processed at or above ordinary room temperature and (2) cryogenic, a process that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the scrap tire rubber until it becomes brittle and then uses a hammer mill to shatter the frozen rubber into smooth particles. Zhongan is mainly produce mechanical shredding machine at ambient temperature. Steel was removed by magnetic separation and one part of textile fiber was removed by density.

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