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Rubber Granules Fine Shredding - Tire Rubber Recycling

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SBR rubber granules from waste tires

SBR rubber granules from waste tires are an eco-friendly material which use for anti-slipped flooring, playground, driveway, rubber products manufacturer. Zhongan decades of experience in waste tire recycling equipment manufacturing and turnkey disposal solution help rubber recycling industry to produce SBR rubber granules from waste tires which is non-toxic, no mix with textile/steel and compliance with Intertek, MSDS standards.

Modern factory to produce quality waste tire recycling equipment

Zhongan factory covers 10,669㎡, equipped with a variety of CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, precision milling machines, precision grinders, CNC cutting machines, welding machines, tapping machines and more than 100 sets of complete machining equipment, which can complete all core components production and processing, combined with advanced heat treatment, spraying and 5S management system, provide complete guarantee of company's equipment high-precision processing, mass production and reliable operation!

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Waste tire recycling for crumb rubber


Crumb rubber is the name given to any material derived by reducing scrap tires or other rubber into uniform granules with the inherent reinforcing materials such as steel and fiber removed along with any other type of inert contaminants such as dust, glass, or rock.

Overall, a typical scrap tire contains (by weight):

70 percent recoverable rubber

15 percent steel

3 percent fiber

12 percent extraneous material (e.g. inert fillers)

Crumb Rubber Manufacturing Technologies

Generally, crumb rubber is produced by reducing scrap tires down to sizes ranging from 3/8” to 40 mesh particles and removing 99 percent or more of the steel and fabric from the scrap tires. There are several processes for manufacturing crumb rubber. Two of the most common are ambient grinding and cryogenic processing. A third technology-the wet grind process-is also in use in the U.S. to produce finer mesh crumb rubber ranging from 40 mesh to 200 mesh.