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ELT Waste Tyre Shredder

Introductions-ELT Waste Tyre Shredder

The range of twin shaft, high torque shredders available from Zhong Eco can offer waste operators an efficient solution for processing of end of life tyres to the correct piece size in an intelligent way. Zhongan Tyre Shredder has been designed for the most rugged and toughest of jobs in the recycling industry. With a solid robust chassis and huge torque; Zhongan Ttyre Shredder is the ideal shredding aid for the recovery and repurposing of used tyres and rubber.

ELT Waste Tyre Shredder

Applications-ELT Waste Tyre Shredder

As urbanisation and the number of vehicles on our roads continue to grow, so too does the volumes of end-of-life tyres. Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) offers a realistic cost-efficient alternative to fossil fuels and can increase the profits of a number of major industries such as cement producers, paper mills and energy utilities. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), when burned, Tyres generate the same amount of energy as oil; 25%–50% more energy than coal, and 100%–200% more energy than wood.

ELT Waste Tyre Shredder Cutting Chamber

ELT Waste Tyre Intelligent Shredder 

Zhongan has been manufacturing and supplying shredding machines for processing car and truck tyres for many years. Through extensive R & D and interactive liaison with our customers, our current range offers the latest technology in tyre shredding and processing.

As steel radial tyres are one of the most difficult products to shred in our industrial age, particular attention has been paid to developing machinery with superior working life and low maintenance. Zhongan offers a large range of machines with many diverse cutter arrangements. This allows us to provide machinery to produce various product sizes required for primary or secondary processing. This can be achieved by cutter selection, multi shredder plants or screening.

Tyre shredding is a worldwide necessity due to environmental controls restricting the dumping of whole tyres. Innovative industries are continually using shredded tyre for purposes such as fuel for kilns, retaining wall fill, 25 – 50mm chip for road base, municipal tip cover. Extensive use of rubber chip for production of rubber crumb is now commonplace.  As the charges for dumping whole tyres are increasing, new business opportunities are emerging. Fees for tyre removal are charged, which incorporates sufficient funds to allow shredding prior to further processing or disposal.

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How to choose the exact right shredder?

Our Engineers can assist in the selection of correct machinery to suit a particular application. In determining this, the following considerations must be addressed: 

Types of tyres to be shredded – car, light truck, truck or other? What's the max diameter of the Tyre?

Quantities to be shredded?

Production rates required?

Size of shredded product?

Maintenance requirements?

Power supply?

Zhongan's wide ranges shredder or shredding tyres

Model No.


Shredder Type

Output Sizemm



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Double shafts




Double shafts




Double shafts


The exclusive advantages of Zhongan's tyre shredder
1) Overall cutter chamber technology

The cutter chamber is processed by large CNC machining center at one time, high accuracy machining ensures the bearing seat good concentricity, stable and reliable. Modular design, simple structure and convenient maintenance.


2) High strength spindle

Main spindle material: forged and tempered with 42CrMo

Advantages: After quenching and tempering process, it is refined and processed by high-precision large-scale CNC equipment, good strength, strong impact resistance and long service life. Our large machining center guarantees the machining accuracy of the spindle.


3) Alloy knife cutter material

Finish by CNC grinding machine and wire cutting ensures high accuracy machining. The knife cutter has good wear resistance and moderate tenacity. Zhongan has complete processing equipment and better quality control. Cutters can be assembled only after it has passed the ultrasonic inspection, hardness test, dimensions inspection and other inspections.


4) Automatic lubrication device

Automatic lubricating device and control module ensures the oil in the bearing is always in a sufficient state, prevent the bearing from wearing and lead to the shredder working, and ensures the long-term operation of the equipment. Compared with manual oiling, it greatly saves maintenance costs and avoids equipment failure caused by untimely maintenance, the reliability of the equipment is obviously improved.


5) Special anti-loosening technology

The double-stacked self-locking washer is used to prevent the bolt from loosening. This washer has a unique wedge-type structure, and the double-sided embossing bites and moves, improved the traditional anti-loosening method that relies on friction.


6) Intelligent control system

The intelligent monitoring system is composed of intelligent data acquisition system, intelligent automatic control system and intelligent crushing system cloud service platform, including one-key start-stop, condition monitoring, data analysis, collaborative optimization, fault diagnosis, alarm linkage and other functions. Adding a variety of intelligent multi-sensing devices to the key equipment such as feeding, crushing and conveying of the entire production line, it realized equipment centralized management, fault automatic response, maintenance and after-sales remote control, the cost of equipment operation and maintenance management are reduced.

Intelligent centralized control mainly includes the following intelligent functions: