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Industrial and commercial double shafts waste plastic shredder

Author:Zhongan-ECO Comefrom: Date:2021/12/8 8:44:49

Industrial and commercial waste plastic shredder 

Why we have to recycle waste plastic?

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Plastic is a versatile material, used for production ranging from tough polymer structures to extra firm high-tech parts. Most plastics are not biodegradable. Many are recyclable, though, and in order to prevent pollution, reduce the demand for the petrochemicals from which plastics are processed and to cut production costs, a used plastic part should be recycled if possible.

As a waste material, plastic has recently became a problem that many pieces plastic found polluting up seas, washing up on shores and poisoning marine life. With recent government involvement, petitions calling for plastic to be banned by supermarkets in their packaging and the introduction of the 5p plastic bag levy and now some shops are banning plastic bags altogether. China took the step to ban plastic waste starting 2018, with their infrastructure not being able to cope with the amount being imported to them at a rate they could no longer cope with.

Companies need to evaluate how they use plastic in packaging and how they manage and recycle any excess material. Contrary to what many businesses believe – it is possible to shred and reduce plastic waste in size and recycle plastic responsibly.

How to recycle the waste plastic?

Typically, it is certain required size of recycled plastic. However; some of those plastic items are too large to be put into a granulator for processing down to that size. In such cases, a plastic shredder is needed to reduce the larger items to a manageable size for the granulator to handle. Plastic shredders are able to effectively break down scrap and used plastic products in order for the plastic to be effectively melted down and used to fabricate new products. Depending on how large the shredding operation is, plastic shredders can also be equipped with more than one processing shaft. Horizontal shredders are recommended for long, linear products such as siding and profiles. Alternatively, vertical shredders are used for all other types of product. Shredders can also be either automatic or manual. Automatic feeders utilize a conveyor belt to load materials into the shredder, in turn optimizing the shredder’s performance and the time needed to shred the materials. Shredders with a manual feeder feature a hopper where materials are either fed by a forklift or by hand. 

The advtanges of Zhongan's industrial and commercial double shafts waste shredder in shredding plastic

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Zhongan's double shafts plastic shredder machines are heavy-duty, low-speed, high torque shredder utilized pre-cut large volumes of bulky plastic. It's wide intake chute opening allows it to shred entire bales of plastic film and other rigid plastics into small pieces which size can be 1-5 inches.

For most plastic recycling plants, these small plastic pieces ae then fed into plastic granulator machine to produce plastic flakes or regrinds that are under 1 inch size. Due to it's versatility and robust nature, you will find our double shaft plastic shredders being commissioned in a multitude of industries including but not limited to:

Polyethylene (PE)

Polypropylene (PP)

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Polystyrene (PS)

Polyurethane (PU)

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Efficient size-reduction requires practical experience and know-how and Zhongan is able to customise our plastic recycling industrial shredder machine designs to suit your specific requirements and provide an optimum solution. Zhongan is a highly experienced and professional plastic shredder factory and we are confident we have a plastic recycling solution for you. We specialize in custom, application-specific shredding systems with the ability to output small particle sizes. These shredders help plants and municipalities reduce disposal cost and help with the recycling process.