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Cement Plant Alternative Fuel Pretreatment-RDF Shredder and System

Author:Zhongan-ECO Comefrom:Andre Niu Date:2022/9/3 8:19:54

Cement Plant Alternative Fuel Pretreatment-RDF&SRF Shredder and System

Abstract: The technology of co-processing solid waste in cement plant kiln is currently one of the most direct, most environmental friendly and most efficient disposal methods. With the continuous implementation of cement plant kiln co-processing projects all over the world, coupled with the characteristics of flammability, reactivity and corrosiveness of hazardous waste itself, higher requirements have been placed on the functions of cement plant kiln pretreatment equipment.

What solid wastes can be co-processed in cement plant kilns?

The wastes that can be processed by cement plant kilns include hazardous wastes, industrial wastes (leather scraps, waste textiles, etc.), domestic wastes, sludge, waste tires and other solid wastes. However, radioactive waste, explosives and reactive waste, undisassembled waste batteries, waste household appliances and electronic products, mercury-containing thermometers, blood pressure monitors, fluorescent lamps and switches, chrome slag, unknown properties and unidentified waste is forbidden to enter the kiln for co-processing.

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Features of co-processing waste in cement plant kiln:

In the process of cement production, the cement plant kiln will generate a large amount of high temperature, waste heat and negative pressure. These unique resources create good conditions for the harmless treatment of hazardous waste. Compared with other treatment methods, cement kiln treat hazardous waste has the advantages of less investment, good effect and no secondary pollution, this is a new way to solve the dilemma of hazardous waste disposal in our world.

1. Co-processing technology of cement kiln - Vertical tower type hazardous waste pretreatment system

Zhongan unique design Vertical Tower type Hazardous Waste Pretreatment System is used for the first or twice grade crushing of hazardous waste and its packaging before harmless treatment of hazardous waste, so as to achieve the size required for incineration in cement kilns or recycling. The complete crushing system integrated the equipment and functions of lifting feeding, pre-crushing, fine crushing, finished product conveying, safety fire fighting, maintenance, etc. The system takes into account many advantages of safety, reliability, small footprint and good stability, it can not only process various hazardous waste materials, but also designed and integrated a high-quality fire protection system to realize the dual safety management of manual defense plus technical defense for the co-processing of hazardous waste in cement kilns, ensuring the safety, stability and environmental protection of the entire incineration system in the kiln. Low consumption and efficient disposal of hazardous waste.

Outlet size: 50-200mm, capacity: 3-25t/h.

Tower Structure Hazardous Waste Pretreatment System 2.jpg

Features of Vertical tower type hazardous waste pretreatment system:

1. Imported hydraulic technology: constant power control, large torque and long life.

2. Automatic fire protection system: When the equipment encounters fire, it can automatically detect, automatically shut down and close the fire gate, meanwhile, it automatically start the fire protection system to protect the safe operation of the production line.

3. Intelligent control system:  Zhongan's exclusive patented technology intelligent control system has many unique features such as multiple curshing mode for options, shredder automatic reverse runing when overload, big data storage, automatic lubricating, etc.

Because of its unique advantages, the co-processing of hazardous waste in cement kilns will become a new trend in hazardous waste disposal. If you want more ideal effect in co-processing hazardous waste in cement kilns, you need better pretreatment equipment, Zhongan's unparalleled technology and experience in the field is worth you to know more.

(2) Co-processing technology of cement kiln - domestic and industrial waste shredding, sorting and RDF/SRF technology

The domestic and industrial waste shredding, sorting and RDF/SRF system consists of conveying equipment, waste shredder, magnetic separator, wind sifter and dust collecting equipment. The system integrated conveying, shredding, sorting, and transfer modules. The mixed industrial waste and domestic waste are disposed of from large to small, from mixed to classified. The material is transported to the domestic waste and industrial waste shredder through the conveyor for pre-shredding and reducing the volume of the material; the shredded material enters the magnetic separator and the iron material will be separated and recycled; the material which remoed iron continues to enter the fine shredder to be shredded into the ideal size; the finely crushed material enters the RDF/SRF pelletizer and will be extruded into RDF/SRF high-density bio-pellets. The whole system is intelligent sorting and stable operation.

Outlet size: 50mm, processing capacity: 5-30t/h

RDF& SRF Pelletizing System.jpg

(3) Co-processing technology of cement kiln - waste tire shredding, wire separation and grinding technology

Waste tires are first drawn off the sidewall steel wires by hydraulic wire drawing machine, then sent to the tire shredder by conveyor for crushing& screening to produce reasonable size rubber blocks. The next step is wire separator to separate thin wires in the crushed rubber block , subsequently, the vibrating conveyor equipment performs vibratory screening, then the fiber separator and magnetic separator separate the fiber and steel wire from the shredded rubber powder, and finally the product under the sieve is the finished fine rubber particle& rubber powder. The entire waste tire disposal system is enclosed working in conveying, negative pressure dust reduction, energy saving and environmental protection.

Pre-shredding size: 50mm, processing capacity: 3-30t/h

Rubber powder fineness: 20-120 mesh, processing capacity: 1-10t/h

Waste Tyre Recycling System.png

Waste tyre recycling system-Zhongan Eco.png

(4) Co-processing technology of cement kiln - biomass fuel shredding technology

Biomass fuel shredding system process procudure: the feeding equipment evenly feeds biomass straw, branches, bark and other materials into shredder, the biomass shredder crushes and disposes of the material through the working principle of shearing, tearing and squeezing, then the shredded material is transported to the finished material area by the belt conveyor or transferred to the next disposal site, meanwhile, the metal material can be selected by the magnetic separator. The whole production system can realize closed transportation, negative pressure dust reduction, and clean production.

Outlet size: 50-120mm, processing capacity: 10-70t/h

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