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Zhongan's patent technology upgrade for intelligent recycling ELT

Author:Zhongan-ECO Comefrom:Andre Niu Date:2022/9/4 19:16:01

Zhongan's patent technology upgrade for intelligent control system of ELT recycling plant

Zhongan's newest outstanding achievements in scientific research software copyrights "Intelligent Control System for Tire Crushing  and Pelletizing Production Line V1.0".

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Waste tire recycling process

Zhongan  tire shredding and granulation production line mainly indude the  shredding, wire separation, pulverization, fiber separation for the waste tire, to make waste tires can be recycled. The waste tire steel wires are firstly separated from the sidewall by the hydraulic wire drawing machine, and then sent via conveyor to the tire shredder to shredd the tire to 5cm rubber block; then the steel wire separator separates the thin steel wire in the rubber block, then the vibrating conveying equipment conducts vibrating screening; the fiber separator and magnetic separator separate the fibers and steel wires from the tire rubber powder, and finnaly the sieved materials are the finished rubber particles and rubber powder.

Zhongan's waste tire disposal system is customized for different tires, with high-strength spindles and wear-resistant cutters. After the waste tire disposal system is put into operation, it follows the energy saving, environmental protection and recycling production. It has the advantages of low noise, high output, low energy consumption, simple operation, and uniform discharge, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.

ELT Waste tire recycling system


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High-end quality waste tire intelligent production line control system

Intelletigent Control System.jpg

Intelligent manufacturing is one of the main directions of "China Manufacturing 2025". In order to comply with the development trend of the new era of industrial "intelligence", Zhongan continues to develop and innovate, analyze customer needs, focus on the production of high-end intelligent equipment, promote equipment innovation and upgrade, and independently develop and design intelligent remote monitoring and comprehensive production management capabilities, operation and maintenance control system. The intelligent operation and maintenance control system has great potential in the field of tire disposal. The system can effectively improve the operation efficiency of the tire crushing and granulation production line by using the digital, informatization, networking and intelligent technologies of intelligent monitoring, realize the high efficiency and energy saving of the tire crushing production line, safety and environmental protection "integration of management and control".