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Straw Waste Shredding System

Introductions- ZHONGAN Straw Shredding System 

ZHONGAN Straw Shredding System includes Metal Chain Conveyor, straw shredder, belt conveyor, pulse dust collector, etc. The whole shredding system working in intelligent operation and online monitoring, optimized modular design in straw conveying, shredding, classification and dust controlling. If the production of efficient utilization rate and high heat value yet economical and the lowest waste emission biomass is your goal, ZHONGAN is your best choice in China.


Process Procedure- ZHONGAN Straw Shredding System 

Metal Chain Conveyor or grabber feeds the biomass agricultural& forestry wastes into the shredder evenly. The shredder crushes and disposes the materials by shearing, tearing, and squeezing,  then the crushed materials are via belt conveyor transported to the finished area or transferred to the next disposal process. Magnetic separation device is designed on the belt conveyor and finally the metal materials separated from the shredded materials. The entire shredding system work in closed transportation, negative pressure dust reduction and clean production.

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Features- ZHONGAN Straw Shredding System

1. Applicable in vary straws

  • ZHONGAN Straw Shredding System applicable and versatile in crushing: rice straw, corn stalks, wheat stalks, reeds, cotton, bulk materials, round bales, large and small square bales.

  • RDF/SRF (Refuse-Derived Fuel/Secondary Recovered Fuel) 

  • Biomass processing,

  • Waste-to-Energy plants (WtE), Energy from Waste Plants (EfW)

  • Mechanical Biological Treatment plants (MBT).


2. Whole System Modular Design

  • Combining the project and customer needs, ZHONGAN provides the turnkey solution design and equipment manufacturing of the feeding system, crushing system, uniform conveying system, dust reduction system.

  • ZHONGAN forefront technology engineers solve your tough thorny problems in pretreatment and environmental protection of biomass power plants and other fuel crushing lines.


3. Stable and Reliable

  • Equipments adopt high-strength and high-wear-resistant cutter tools, high-strength spindles, precision machining by CNC, 

  • Quality reliable, escort for the continuous production of equipment with high load.


4. Intelligent Operation& Maintenance

  • ZHONGAN Straw Shredding intelligent operation and maintenance system is compatible with online monitoring and AI technologies,

  • Safety interlocking, coordinated operating& maintaining, digital managing and multiple protecting.

Relative Equipment- ZHONGAN Waste Straw Shredding System

Relative Pictures- ZHONGAN Waste Straw Shredding System