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Used Mattress Shredding Machine

Author:ZHONGAN-Andre Niu Comefrom: Date:2021/6/17 15:26:23

Used Mattress Shredder

Mattress Waste

Waste Mattress Processing

Bulky Waste Management - Why Shredding Bulky Waste

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Bulky waste (such as doors, furniture, mattresses, sofas, beds, nets, furniture, etc.) are generally addressed to a landfill for its disposal. For this reason, it is essential to operate an optimization of the materials size before procceding with the disposal.

The disposal of larage items such as mattresses is becoming a chanlenging problem in China. Landfill space is becoming limited, disposal costs are unmanageable and a number of recylable materials would othewise remain in these waste streams unless a shredding process is actived. Sometimes the shredding priority is volume reduction, in this case operators can process bulky materials to alleviate waste storage problems and achieve a cleaner, tider and safer site. Shredding everything from bulky PVC and mattress through to masses pulper ropes can reveal a wealth of potential when waste is broken down, as valuable composite materials can be literated and extracted for use in recycling, remanufacturing or energy recovery.

Customerzied shredding solutions for bulky waste treatment

Our shredders are modular in concept that means they can operate as powerful single machine or can be integrated in turnkey process system for optimum mateirals liberation. Our bulky waste shredders may not carrry the lowest price tag, but they have proven to handle even the bulkiest of the waste streams, not just throughout China but across the globe.

Our heavy-duty shredders with sturdy steel frames with large loading apertures are built to withstand the pressures typically associated with shredding bulky items. Every design feature contributes to plant uptime, minimal operational disruption and maximum ROI. 

Our shredding technology is designed to achieve a precission shred whether you are handling extra sized mattresss, pulper ropes, carpets or anything among of them. The result is an on-specification output fraction, perfect for the onward recycling or engery recovery route it is intended for.

What bulky wastes can we shred?

Mattress shredding 

End-of-life mattresses are notoriously difficult to move, store and process, which means they’re widely considered a huge headache for the resource sector. Some operators would even go so far as to presume they’re economically unshreddable. As Zhongan's innovation has continued, so too have the possibilities when it comes to mattress shredding.

Pulper ropes

Large domestic applicance


Fabric & Textiles

Municipal Solid Wate