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Used Sofa Scrap Waste Shredding

Author:ZHONGAN-Andre Niu Comefrom: Date:2021/6/17 15:30:23

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What is bulky waste processing?

Bulky waste or bulky refuse refers to items too large to fit into roll-out carts, including furniture, appliances, scrap metal, tires, carpet & padding, and construction or demolition debris.

Processing bulky waste of variable sizes and weights

Bulky waste can be processed in the same way as other waste types if it is first reduced to the correct grain size. Pre-shredding bulky waste enables loading the material compactly, which cuts transportation costs. With a smaller gain size, the waste is more efficient to process: screening and sorting can be done more accurately, and different materials are faster in their own stacks.

Here are some typical system solutions for bulky waste disposal:

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Used Sofa Scrap & Furniture

Zhongan has shredders installed processing sofas, matrress and chairs that are collected from consumers where new mattresses are sold and at garbage transfer stations. Processing systems are used for volume reduction as well as to reclaim marketable metals, wood, foam and other materials.

Thrermal Treatment

Some operations incinerate waste for simple destruction of the burning of alternative fuels. Utilizing an Zhongan shredder prior to incineration greatly improves the combustion and efficiency of the materials.

RDF / MSW / Mixed Waste

Commingled waste can easily be pre-shredded with Zhongan's technology to the point where non combustible items can be separated in a variety of ways ahead of quad shredder and twin shafts shredders that convert the target materials into usable fuels.


Many municipalities operate organic waste composting and recycling facilities. Some use shredders ahead of drying technologies, and others employ shredders to downsize mixed waste streams prior to a composting vessel or off gas collection system.